October 3 & 4, 2015 from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

For more than 40 years, agricultural awareness has been the aim of the Heart of Ohio Tour. The Tour is held the first weekend in October each year and serves to heighten the awareness of visitors concerning agriculture in Knox County. The organizations and businesses spotlighted open their doors to the public to inform visitors of the workings of the business. Demonstrations of farm and factory machinery give visitors an idea of what goes into the agri-business industry. Business owners and operators are available to answer any questions that may come up about their operation. Granges and other organizations often open their doors to visitors so they can inform them about their activities. Volunteer fire departments and emergency care units are also available to share information about the services offered and give tours of their facilities. The Heart of Ohio Tour is a great opportunity for a family outing in the fall, with much to see, do and learn. Signs are posted along the tour route. The 2015 Heart of Ohio Tour begins at The Farm on Kenyon Road just outside of Mount Vernon, and takes you the east and northeast portion of the County in the Danville-Howard area.  The tour includes the following stops:


1.The Farm on Kenyon Road, 11919 Kenyon Road, Mount Vernon 43050

Operated by Chrisie Laymon, The Farm on Kenyon Road is a family farm providing sustainably produced local foods through their own farm market and CSA.


2. Grassbaugh Farms (Solar Energy), 21461 Schenck Creek Road, Howard 43028

The Grassbaugh family has played host to the tour before as a dairy stop.  But this time tour goers will get to see and learn about an on-farm solar power installation and how it supplements the electricity needs of the farming operation.  You might just get to see a cow, too!


3. Campbell's Shooting Range, 22430 Coshocton Road, Howard 43028

Campbell's Range has been the home to the East Knox Lions Club annual turkey shoot for what seems like forever, but during the HOOT tour, the range will host the 4-H shooting sports trailer and other activities for the youngsters (and maybe not so young) on this year's tour.


4. Indianfield Bluffs Park, 10855 Sapp Road, Gambier 43022

Named Indianfield Bluffs because the site contains the confluence of Indianfield Run with the Kokosing State Scenic River.  A high bluff on the property renders awesome views of the Kokosing River.  A 1.5-mile, double loop trail of steep gradients and switchbacks is available for hiking.


5. Skyline Farm (Sheep), 15401 Skyline Drive, Danville 43014

Operated by Don Hawk and family, the farm will highlight commercial sheep production.  A wagon tour of the facilities will give tour-goers a first-hand look at the production of lamb for table consumption and other day-to-day farm activities.


6. Boeshart's Grain Farm, 23303 Danville-Amity Road, Danville 43014

 Operated by Branton Boeshart, this farm stop will highlight the activities and commercial family gran production operation.  You'll get to see harvesting and planting equipment and learn what goes into the production of two of America's most important grain crops, corn and soybeans.


7. Swendal & Tyson (Hay & Cattle), 17340 Butts Road, Howard 43028

The last stop on the tour this year will be the Swendal & Tyson's cattle and commercial hay farming operation.  The farming operation focuses on commercial hay production and beef cattle.  Tour participants can learn about what it takes to grow and harvest hay as a commercial crop and produce beef for America's families.


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2015hootour map