Oldtime Farming Festival

Oldtime Farming Festival

US-36 & OH-314 Downtown, Centerburg 43011

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Those visiting Centerburg during the Oldtime Farming Festival will want to stop by Memorial Park, where the Festival is held, and experience the fun of the olden days.  When entering the festival grounds, smells such as apple butter and ham 'n' beans soup will greet festival-goers and create a welcome feeling, but the food is only a small part of this exciting event.

Visitors of all ages will find plenty to keep them entertained during the festival.  The Kid's Corner is an area of the park set aside for children that offers a wide variety of activities.  One event popular to the children is the Tootsie Roll in the Hay contest.  This involves children searching through stacks of hay to find the Tootsie Rolls.  There is a petting zoo for animal lovers, and a contest tent where adults and children can compete in apple peeling, watermelon seed spitting, nail driving, arm wrestling, longest beard, and ciphering.  There is also a euchre tournament available both days of the Festival

We are a non-profit organization who has committed ourselves to putting on a festival that strives to celebrate and preserve the agricultural heritage of the Centerburg area by recalling and recreating activities common in the lives of our farming predecessors. We also strive to create a safe environment where families can have a fun and affordable entertainment experience. In doing so, we are promoting the Centerburg area by giving residents a chance to work and play together. This gives non-residents a reason to visit the community.