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LB Horsemanship

Mount Vernon 43050

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At LB Horsemanship, we use the training methods of John and Josh Lyons.  We feel that it is important to have a training foundation where the horse will have the experience of learning without pain and to understand what we are asking of them.

We do this by teaching horses with patience using specific cues that are rewarding, and the more precise the cures are to the horse, the more solid the foundation becomes in their training.  The result is a confident owner and a horse that trusts its handlers.

Whether you are a new horse owner to the advanced rider, LB Horsemanship can get you to where you want to be with your training and performance.  We start by discussing the goals that you want to achieve with your horse.  Then we will put a lesson plan together and begin the building blocks to get the results you want.  LB Horsemanship travels to you to work with you and your horse, providing a gentle hand, patience, and a fun atmosphere while you learn new skills and bond with your horse.