Honey Run Highlands Park

Honey Run Highlands Park

10816 Millersburg Road, Howard 43028

(740) 392-7275
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General info

The 348-acre Honey Run Highlands Park was acquired in April of 2010.  There are three parking lots that offer access to the park (see map).

The site includes hiking trails, picnic facilities, and habitat restoration (warm season grasslands/prairie forb ares and tree plantings).  The site serves as excellent habitat for state-threatened wildlife species, including the Barn Owl, and Bobcat.  Wild Turkeys, white-tailed deer, Ring-necked Pheasants, and many species of songbirds abound on this ecologically diverse site. 

Business Locations
10816 Millersburg Road, Howard 43028
Honey Run Waterfall - 10865 Hazel Dell Road, Howard 43028    (740) 392-7275