Creature Comfort Kennel

Creature Comfort Kennel

17195 Keller Road, Butler 44822

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General info

Creature Comfort Kennel is located on a 17-acre farm in beautiful central Ohio, between Columbus and Cleveland.  Creature Comfort was designed to provide the best care for your dog, starting with its quiet country setting and enclosed outdoor exercise yards.  Our canine guests enjoy their stay in a cozy kennel that is attached directly to our house, so we have supervision of our guests at all times.  They will have access to a large fenced area for exercise and play time.

Weather permitting they will have outside supervised play time every 3-4 hours.  They are not left alone at night or kept isolated in a kennel somewhere else on the property.  We do our best to follow the same routine you do in your home and make your pet feel comfortable and secure.  Due to our small size we are able to give our canine guests lots of love and attention, but that also means we will fill up quickly.  So please call early to ensure your canine companion's reservations.