Knoxways - About Us

We are delighted that you have chosen Knox County as your next adventure. Our open roads and open spaces offer some unexpected surprises- and each holds an experience of its own that will excite any traveler.

To connect with Knox County is in-part to connect with the whispering voice in us all. A call to find what’s around the corner and to seek out new ventures in the making. Knox County is equal parts un-plugging and plugging in. A roiling spring of energy. Fuel for those recreating and re-creating. A confluence of culture, entertainment and opportunity. It’s meant to be explored. Savored. Peddled on and paddled through.

For many, a piece has always been here, waiting for reunion. For others, Knox is an unexpected gift, continuously revealing and reinventing itself with each bend in the river or opening night.Perhaps it’s the similarity to the hometown of our youth that connects with us. The pursuit of a passion or dream that draws us in. Or maybe just the melodic contours of the rolling hills, rocking us back into a rhythm we didn’t realize we’d lost.

No matter how it begins, the result is the same.

Knox County is where your heart returns home.

We’re glad you’re here.